Janicki Industries passes Nadcap audit for composite manufacturing

With its beginnings in apple orchards, this company has returned to its green roots by machining large parts for the wind-power industry.


Janicki Industries has been approved for Nadcap accreditation until 2020.

Nadcap accreditation indicates that Janicki’s Hamilton Facility is a qualified manufacturer of composite parts and tools. Janicki has made several capital investments that helped ensure this accreditation.

It has implemented non-destructive inspection equipment and processes, added advance testing equipment to its research and development lab, and expanded its Class 8 Clean Room by 50 percent to accommodate larger parts and greater production speed.

Janicki Industries is one of 11 composite suppliers in Washington State that are Nadcap approved to make composite parts. And it is one of four suppliers who has achieved 24 months merit.

This means its manufacturing process controls are so excellent the auditors have certified Janicki for two years, rather than the one year normally applied.

“This Nadcap qualification shows our aerospace customers that JI is a premium supplier of composite parts and tools and that we meet the most stringent process requirements for manufacturing with advanced composite materials,” said Bill Vaith, director of quality assurance of Janicki Industries.

“We are pleased to achieve 24-month merit on our Nadcap certification, and our customers can trust Janicki for their most challenging carbon-fiber composite fly-away parts,” said John Janicki, president of Janicki Industries.

Source: Janicki Industries

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