Moventas offers lubrication upgrade for WinWind 3 models


Moventas has developed a special gearbox lubrication upgrade for customers operating WinWind made WWD3 turbines, to extend their lifetime considerably. The first one of these projects will be carried out for Innopower in the Ajos wind park in Kemi, Northern Finland.

This summer, Moventas carries out a lubrication upgrade for ten turbines in the Ajos wind park in Kemi as part of a larger service project. The lubrication upgrade that prolongs turbine lifetime consists of upgrading the entire gearbox lubrication system, installing extra pumps for the main bearings and e.g. adding temperature sensors, changing the coolers and updating the lubrication management logic. With the upgrade, lubrication will also be added in situations where it has previously been insufficient and therefore caused failures.

Installing the upgrade only takes a few days, but considerably prolongs turbine lifetime, as functioning lubrication efficiently prevents main component failures.

— Source: Moventas