PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Rennsteig Tools’s SRW 1000 Tool Securely Removes and Installs Retaining Rings from 15” to 40” in Size


Today, new processes and work methods are being developed along with being improved at an accelerating pace. Tradespeople along with technicians use an expanding range of techniques and they need special tools to use them efficiently. These special tools are used in a wide variety of industries, especially the wind power industry where they are used in production, assembly and repair/maintenance.  To be useful, a tool needs to enable precise, ergonomic, safe and damage-free work. The special tools simplify work with new materials, shapes and sizes, bringing users and companies tangible benefits.  They save time and costs, while at the same time helping maximize work safety—an important part of trouble-free production and maintenance work.

In close cooperation with users, Rennsteig engineers develop tailor-made, high quality tools for a wide variety of applications and industries that meet and often exceed all quality parameters.
As a German producer of these high quality hand tools, Rennsteig Tools, Inc. designs and manufactures state-of-the-art tooling “Made in Germany.”  The company follows a long tradition of specialty hand tool development and manufacturing which enables it to craft exceptionally dynamic hand tools.

The SRW 1000 tool is no different in this aspect.  It has been designed for applications where large shafts and bearings transmit very high forces and torques.  For example, wind power turbines, hydroelectric power facilities, press construction, ship building and aerospace.  It is easily operated with an Allen key (which is included), ratchet wrench or cordless screw driver with an adapter (also included) and is designed for installing along with removing retaining rings in one operation.  The tool is usable with retaining rings ranging from a diameter of 400–1000mm (15”–40”).  Opening to a width of 250mm (10”), the tool securely holds the ring open using a self-locking precision spindle action.  The interchangeable paired tips that are supplied with the tool come in a 6mm and a 9mm size (custom designs are also available) to cover the different diameter holes in these large retaining rings.  The tips hold the ring securely due to short, direct contact sockets.  These tips are made of high strength, hardened and tempered steel.

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