Poseidon to Supply Wear Debris Monitoring Solutions for Gearbox Express


Poseidon Systems, LLC recently announced a supply agreement with Gearbox Express, North America’s largest independent remanufacturer of gearbox assemblies and mainshafts for the wind-turbine industry. Through this agreement, Poseidon Systems will supply Gearbox Express with wear debris monitoring sensors and remote monitoring services for all Gearbox Express Revolution series wind-turbine gearboxes.

“We are delighted that an industry leader like Gearbox Express has selected Poseidon System’s online metallic debris monitoring system to provide real-time health monitoring of their flagship product,” said Mark Redding, president of Poseidon Systems. “Metallic wear debris monitoring offers our customers many benefits including reduced cost of gearbox maintenance, reduced downtime, and extended gearbox life. Gearbox Express has recognized these capabilities and is allowing their customers to reap the benefits by incorporating this technology.”

Poseidon Systems will supply metallic wear debris monitoring equipment and services for all Gearbox Express remanufactured gearboxes. Per the agreement, Poseidon is providing its Trident DM4500 metallic wear debris monitors coupled with Trident AP2200 data collector/communication devices, and Poseidon Live for online data analysis and remote monitoring. The combination of these technologies provides an easy-to-install, easy-to-use gearbox condition monitoring capability.

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“It is our belief that metallic debris monitoring provides the earliest, most reliable, most cost-effective gearbox condition monitoring solution,” said Bruce Neumiller, CEO of Gearbox Express. “We selected Poseidon based on their ability to provide an exceptional sensing capability that is coupled with an affordable remote monitoring and analysis service. This technology is one of many enhancements included in Revolution gearboxes and is aligned with our belief that our customers deserve the highest quality gearbox and support available in the industry.”

Gearbox Express (GBX) is a market leader in wind-turbine gearbox remanufacturing and maintenance expertise. GBX is a firm believer in proactive gearbox life-cycle management and is offering the wear debris monitoring service to their customers to improve life-cycle management practices. Through Poseidon’s online data portal, GBX can quickly assess the health state of all their assets and deploy service teams to perform preventative maintenance activities. Ultimately the technology provides the customer with reductions in equipment repair costs and downtime, while allowing for safe gearbox life extension through real-time fault progression monitoring. 

Source: Poseidon Systems, LLC

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