Small monitoring device checks grease lubrication flow to main bearings

With its beginnings in apple orchards, this company has returned to its green roots by machining large parts for the wind-power industry.


Used in hundreds of wind-turbine installations, the Titan Enterprises OG2-700 flowmeter is a well-established monitoring device that provides valuable data helping to ensure safe and reliable operation.

Although China leads the world in the amount of power generated from wind, Denmark has the highest generation rate per capita by a long way. In 2015, this small country was generating more than 2 MW/h per person, well ahead of China’s 0.26. This relatively high generation rate has resulted in a local industry that produces large numbers of wind turbines for the rest of the world. One of the fundamental requirements of ensuring reliable and efficient wind-turbine operation is to keep the heavily loaded main bearings fully lubricated in all operating conditions.

Titan Enterprises was approached to supply a small flowmeter to monitor the grease being supplied into a wind turbine main bearing mechanism. For simplicity, the grease mechanism is mechanically driven from the blade rotation, and therefore the flow rate is potentially low if the blades are barely rotating. This grease flow is crucial, and an alarm must be tripped and the rotation stopped should the grease flow be insufficient. In addition, if the lubricant supply line became blocked, the flowmeter should be able to withstand pressure that could potentially rise to several hundred Bar. An extra requirement for the required flow measurement device was for a low-power system, as the backup system was battery powered.


Drawing upon its proven OG2 flowmeter that fulfilled the low-flow measurement specifications on lubricating viscous fluids, Titan Enterprises redesigned this meter to operate at 700 Bar in a small body and fitted a miniature reed switch detector to keep the power requirements to a minimum.

Fully IP67/NEMA 4 compliant, the OG2-700 flowmeter is optimized for measuring the flow of viscous fluids and liquids at pressures of up to 700 Bar and temperatures up to 150 degrees C. With a standard flow range from 0.03 to 4.0 liters/minute on 30Cstk oil, the OG2-700 can routinely achieve outstanding accuracy (0.5 percent) and repeatability (0.1 percent). Combining robust 316 stainless steel construction and proven technology ensures the OG2-700 flowmeter provides reliable, accurate operation over an extended product lifetime. At the heart of the OG2-700 flowmeter are a pair of toothed oval gears — one of which contains chemically resistant magnets — that rotate freely on robust bearings. Rotation is detected through the chamber wall by a Hall effect detector or a reed switch giving approximately 1,100 pulses per liter passed. The output is an NPN pulse or a voltage-free contact closure, either of which is readily interfaced with most electronic displays or recording devices. This combination of materials and technology ensures a long-life product with reliable, accurate operation throughout.

Source: Titan Enterprises

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