Prysmian To Add Offshore Cable Capabilities to U.K. Factory


Prysmian Group, a world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, will  manufacture 33 kV and 66 kV submarine cable cores used for the inter-array cable connections in offshore wind farms at its U.K. production facility in Wrexham.

The new product line will enable the linking and collecting of power produced by offshore wind turbines before onward transmission to the onshore grid.

Prysmian is the largest manufacturer of cable and accessories in the U.K. Recently celebrating 100 years of history, it operates multiple factories and provides extensive cable installation and test services to the highest voltage levels across England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and beyond. Its high voltage facility in Wrexham is the only factory in the U.K. capable of manufacturing these submarine cable cores.

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“Our Wrexham factory has been manufacturing the highest quality cables for decades, and we are delighted to be directing this depth of experience and know-how to products that will further grow the business, sustain and create local jobs, and provide U.K. manufactured cables for the next generation of U.K. and European offshore wind farms,” said Llyr Roberts, CEO of Prysmian U.K.

In the U.K., Prysmian already has an established and strong presence serving the offshore wind-energy sector.  Alongside a dedicated submarine operations and engineering office in Chelmsford, Prysmian operates an offshore logistics and services base in Middlesbrough, which serves as a center of excellence offering maintenance, repair, and cable storage services for all offshore cabling.

It is also in Middlesbrough where the Prysmian cable laying vessel, Cable Enterprise, is based. The site is home to an extensive range of cable burial and protection equipment, underpinning the EPCI capability of Prysmian to execute submarine cable projects. 

Source: Prysmian Group

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