Conversation with Mico Rodriguez

Director of Sales and Marketing, Capps Van and Truck Rental


Tell us a little bit about Capps Van and Truck rental and its customers.

Capps is a privately owned rental company based in Dallas, Texas. We have been in business for more than 40 years—since 1972—meeting our customers’ needs for reliable commercial and industrial rental vehicles. Meeting those needs is important to us. If we know specifically what our customers require in a van or truck—the kind of terrain they’re working in or if they’re planning on towing equipment, for example—we’re able to tailor an efficient rental plan to meet those exact needs. We regularly consult with our customers in the industries we serve—construction, wind energy, oil and gas, among others—to learn more about their specific job functions and environments.

What vehicles or equipment does Capps offer for rent?

We rent vehicles that primarily serve to transport people, tools, and equipment to and from job sites, as well as provide reliable transportation to different locations on a job site. If you’re working on a wind farm, for example, where there are multiple turbine sites connected by rudimentary roads at varying altitudes, you need a vehicle that can adapt to those conditions and reliably and repeatedly get you from location to location. Our fleet consists of 3/4-ton and 1-ton heavy duty pick-ups, 1-ton flatbed trucks, cargo vans, and 15-passenger crew vans.

How did the company get involved in the wind industry?

It was really a matter of Capps providing an existing service that increased in demand as the industry grew. We had the types of vehicles that wind companies needed as they developed new projects and maintained existing wind farms. It goes back to meeting needs. We were already serving similar industries—namely construction, oil and gas, etc.—so it was an easy, natural transition for us into wind energy. Capps has been involved in the wind energy industry for more than seven years. In that time, we have seen our customer base grow as the industry grows.

You’ve spoken a lot about customer needs. What are some of those specific needs that Capps is able to meet?

All of our heavy duty trucks are equipped with four-wheel-drive, allowing our customers to navigate through potentially rough terrain that a crew may encounter while traveling to or around a job site. Additionally, many crews require equipment that has to be transported on trailers. Our trucks are equipped with towing capabilities so that our customers can transport this type of equipment along with their crews, tools, and other resources. Often, we’ll have customers who are contracted to work in unfamiliar areas or remote locations. Those customers can travel those unfamiliar roads with dependable transportation equipped with up-to-date safety features.

What is it that makes Capps unique in its approach to serving customers/industry?

We’re able to customize rental programs for each of our customers. In addition, our customers demand a high level of reliability in the vans and trucks they rent. Nothing is worse than having a breakdown and being stuck on the side of the road. It’s an inconvenience; but that downtime is also costing you money. For this reason, Capps only offers late model units that are closely maintained to ensure reliability for our customers when they’re on the road. That’s also why we continually update our vehicle fleet new models.

What geographic areas does Capps serve?

While we have more than 15 offices to service primarily the central and southwest portions of the United States, we actually serve all the lower 48 states—from coast to coast. With 40 years under our belts, we have the experience and ability to meet nearly any logistical request; and we can save our customers time and money in the process.

How does the rental process work? Are there short-term and long-term rental programs?

After a Capps sales professional meets with the customer and identifies his or her needs, we then have the ability to analyze which vehicle or multiple vehicles can best serve the functions of their jobs. We take a “whole picture” outlook and can customize plans to meet their specific equipment, logistical, and budgetary needs. We offer a number of rental plans ranging from the short term to the long term.

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