Siemens Creates New Sales Channel for Local Onshore Wind Energy Projects


Siemens is working to build stronger ties with owners of smaller onshore wind projects — the kinds of projects where local knowledge and expertise play a key role. In the future, Siemens will work more closely with partners on wind parks with up to three turbines. These partnerships will ensure that the operators of smaller onshore wind parks have access to local contacts.

Nadeva Wind GmbH, based in Glücksburg, Germany, is one of the first companies to participate in this new partnership opportunity. Partners take delivery of turbines directly at the factory and organize logistics and installation on behalf of the customer. Siemens will continue to offer commissioning and service. Further partnerships are currently being planned.

This new concept will allow Siemens to better meet the demands of many project owners in the German onshore wind market. The new sales channel for up to three wind turbines builds on the successful Siemens D3 product platform and incorporates standard components and proven tower configurations. Sales partners will offer logistics and installation independently. Customers can order project planning and permit authorizations as well as construction of foundations from companies like Nadeva Wind GmbH. This new distribution channel will initially be limited to the German market.

“Regional entities can act more flexibly in the market and they often have closer relations to potential buyers and customers,” said Thomas Richterich, onshore CEO of the Siemens Wind Power and Renewables Division. “With this new approach, we intend to gain customers who are interested in applying our technology in local wind projects. As sales partners, we will select local companies with extensive industry experience and close contacts to the customer base.”

Turbines will be Siemens-branded and will comply with Siemens’ high-quality standards. Therefore, every marketing agreement will be based on a detailed assessment. 

— Source: Siemens