Des-Case Reimagines the Oil Sight Glass


Des-Case Corporation, a global manufacturer of specialty filtration products that improve process equipment reliability and extend lubricant life, recently launched an entirely redesigned oil sight glass (OSG) that pushes the boundaries of what oil sight glasses can do.

“We challenged our engineers to reimagine how an oil sight glass can increase the visibility, durability, and versatility of the process of visual oil analysis.” said Brian Gleason, CEO of Des-Case. “Working closely with our customers, manufacturing team, and other industry experts, they have designed what is truly the next generation of the oil sight glass.”

A clear cylinder that installs in the drain port of the oil reservoir of pumps, gearboxes, bearing housings, and other pieces of equipment, the sight glass provides continuous fluid monitoring of the clarity, color, sediment, and water contamination of the equipment’s oil. An oil sight glass plays a critical role in early detection of contamination and allows for constant monitoring of what’s happening inside equipment that might degrade both oil and equipment life.

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The most important improvement in the new Des-Case oil sight glass is the improved visibility in detecting machine wear and contamination.

Most OSGs have clear bottoms making it more difficult to visually detect the presence of sediment in oil. Des-Case’s new OSG has a white bottom that makes detection easier and more reliable. The redesigned device also has a dual-mount versatility for use in both horizontal and vertical applications, eliminating the need to buy two single-orientation OSGs. And the sight glass’ polyamide casing not only provides a crystal-clear view of the oil, but it is strong enough to withstand the toughest environments.

Other improvements include a sloped floor for better sediment drainage, indication marks to easily monitor accumulation of water, and improved UV resistance and compatibility with all gear and mineral oils, most synthetic oils, and diesel.

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“By using OSGs in combination with a desiccant breather and proper filtration, reliability and maintenance professionals can provide the ultimate protection and long life for machinery,” Gleason said. “And by using Des-Case’s reimagined OSG, they’ll have the latest generation of engineering and technology that will ensure greater reliability for their plants and equipment.” 

Source: Des-Case Corporation

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