Systematic now entering the global offshore wind market

With its beginnings in orchards, this company has returned to its green roots by machining large parts for the wind-power industry.


At offshore wind farms many kilometers from land, where wind and weather conditions are often extreme, employee safety is of paramount importance.

To help deal with this, Systematic now provides the new software solution SITE, which aims to enhance personal safety in exceptionally demanding offshore environments, as well as optimizing the complex logistics involved when establishing and subsequently maintaining offshore wind farms.

“With SITE, we provide a digital platform that creates an effective overview of everything that’s going on, and establishes reliable communication between marine coordinators on land and the vessels and personnel operating offshore on and around the wind turbines,” said Systematic Group Senior Vice President Flemming Bent Thomsen. “Establishing a wind farm usually involves a construction phase extending over about two years, during which time there are several hundred people, vast amounts of equipment, installation vessels, transport ships, and all kinds of tenders and auxiliary vessels in operation out there, as well as helicopters flying to, from, and above the site. It’s vital with reliable tracking of all people, vessels, and assets at all times and to be able to coordinate both planned and unforeseen tasks effectively. These capabilities are absolutely crucial for commercial success. At the same time, there are extremely strict safety requirements that must be complied with, and it’s crucial to know where every person is at any given time. SITE provides exactly the right tools needed for doing this.”

Can revolutionize the business

SITE is an IT solution that provides shared situational awareness, simplifies critical decision making, and establishes digital communication between onshore coordinators at HQ and the vessels and personnel at sea.


“Operational users and vessels particularly appreciate mobile apps that can send data over the available radio channels, and thereby pass plans and mapping information back and forth with each other, even though there is no access to the capabilities normally required for this, such as a 3G network and Wi-Fi, or if the radio connection to land is lost  —  which is a known problem, the farther away from land you get,” Thomsen said.

Global potential

Earlier in 2017, Systematic was able to announce that the company had been selected to deliver a fully-integrated resource tracking and communication system supporting the coordination of all Vattenfall’s onshore and offshore wind operations.

The SITE solution provides overview and safety for employees when Vattenfall constructs and maintains the company’s many wind farms in the U.K., Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark.

“We have taken this big step into a very exciting market, and we see a great potential for SITE in the offshore industry,” Thomsen said. “Greater safety, streamlined logistics, better situational awareness, and data-driven decision making support for both administrative and operational users feature prominently in a wide range of Systematic IT solutions. As a result, we have customers worldwide in energy, defense, law enforcement, logistics, and health care, and it is a great pleasure to now also be able to offer our considerable experience in this field to customers in the wind-turbine industry.”

Source: Systematic

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