Tecoi introduces welding edge prep machine


Tecoi North America has introduced to the North American market the TRF plate processing machine, a solution for heavy welding edge preparation and drilling. The machine is designed for applications where large machining milling capacities are required for medium and large thicknesses. It is an optimal solution for industries with demanding regulations that require critical welding edge preparation, such as wind-tower fabrication, civil construction, shipbuilding, large steel structures, large vessels, and petrochemical infrastructure.

The TRF machine provides a solution for industries with demanding regulations that require critical welding edge preparation. (Courtesy: Tecoi North America)

The TRF incorporates CBM® Cold Bevel Milling technology to create complex bevels in a single, high-speed cut. This results in improved quality and dimensional tolerance, without affecting the material properties of the metal. The edges do not need to be cleaned after the bevel is cut, and the quality issues common with thermal beveling are eliminated. Bevels for narrow gap welding can be milled in one pass. Customized milling tools with specific geometries are available.

In addition to the CBM Cold Bevel Milling technology, the TRF plate processing machine also features an automatic multi-head system that duplicates productivity in the same processing station. A built-in automatic tool storage selection system is also available, capable of storing and configuring five tools for each job. A marking system can be provided for laser, plasma, scribing, micro-percussion, and ink, with options available for text, numbers, bar codes, auxiliary lines, etc. Tecoi’s exclusive Vibratec® chip evacuation system can also be added as an option, which can save users up to 40 percent in cleaning operations, waste removal, and machine downtime.

Tecoi designs and manufactures customized solutions for industries including steel service centers, steel construction, heavy duty machinery, the oil and gas industry, shipyards, and wind power.

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