The Crosby Group lifts wind energy with chain accessories


The Crosby Group is established as a global lifting, rigging, material handling, and mooring hardware partner to the renewable energy sector, and has one of the most extensive, global engineering teams in the industry. Its product range combines to cover the entire wind-energy supply chain, including the plate clamps, pipe hooks, and shackles used during monopile fabrication, shackles for topside and subsea lifts, and load cells used for inspection of installed equipment. One example of how The Crosby Group supports the offshore wind industry was recently demonstrated by an order for chain accessories from Crosby|Feubo. These were used for a floating offshore wind-turbine (FOWT) project from a European client.

The scope of work included the design, manufacturing, and testing of long-term mooring shackles. Driven by a project timeframe restriction from the client and given a three-month window of opportunity, the package was successfully delivered on-time and within initial budget. The Crosby Group’s experienced and skilled engineering team with more than three decades of experience with this application delivered the chain accessories, complete with extensive in-house machining and testing.

Also of note, The Crosby Group recently launched into the wind-energy market the HFL Kenter, a new high fatigue life shackle, under the Crosby|Feubo brand. The shackle showcases design improvements on the popular Crosby|Feubo NDur Link, an accessory used for temporary and mobile mooring applications such as rigging and anchoring offshore platforms or vessels. The product can connect to a variety of stud link anchor chain or other mooring accessories.

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