OM System launches software to aid COVID-19 response


OM System recently launched its cloud-based outbreak management software as the easiest way for businesses to manage COVID-19 response efforts and containment in a closed environment. The platform features a dynamic visualization called BirdsEye View™ enabling rapid assessments to spot and stop outbreaks. Born as COVID-19 altered the reality of workplace safety, the system empowers employers with a tool to optimize their outbreak management strategy and get back to work with confidence.

Essential businesses have continued to operate through the height of the pandemic and continue to do so. Running and resuming operations comes with risk, liability, and responsibility, and it is imperative that all businesses have a comprehensive and transparent COVID-19 strategy. Manual processes, spreadsheets, and uncoordinated solutions are insufficient.

“When the worldwide crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic descended upon us all, we at OM System saw an immediate opportunity to serve,” said Chris Hawker, CEO of OM System. “We pivoted one of our existing solutions and created a powerful tool to visually manage and isolate infectious diseases, not just for the current pandemic, but for the upcoming flu season and beyond.”

“OM System has three distinct parts: a communications system with the employees, a secure database, which stores and tracks information, and our BirdsEye View™ that allows employers to rapidly assess the health of the organization and save significant time anticipating and intervening in outbreaks,” he said.

How OM System Works

  • System setup: Employee contact records are securely uploaded and organized in OM System by workgroups (shifts, departments, buildings, sites, etc.), implemented and ready to use in a matter of hours, not weeks.
  • Daily check-in: Via centralized check-ins or mobile app, employee health statuses can be captured with notification of their approval to be on-site.
  • Case creation: Once a company-defined health risk threshold is met, a case is created, ensuring visibility and follow-up.
  • Case investigation: With simple entry of exposures and OM System’s BirdsEye View™ visualization, outbreaks become easy to spot.
  • Employee outreach: Employees who may have been exposed are alerted via text or email, with support and measures they can take while maintaining the privacy of all employees.
  • Outbreak managed: OM System provides visualization, reporting, trends, and simplified communication to keep employees safe.
  • Risk managed: The platform also helps employers manage risk and compliance as the tool has been developed with OSHA & CDC guidelines in mind.

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