Han-Eco® B offers compatibility with metal connectors


HARTING multiplies the possible uses of plastic connectors with the new Han-Eco® B series. The Han-Eco® range now includes plastic housings that are fully compatible with the standard Han® B. This means that Han-Eco B plastic connectors can be mated with Han B metal connectors. This opens up the entire portfolio of Han B inserts for Han-Eco. Another key improvement is the rear-mounting option for prefabricated cabinet harnesses.

The rear-mounting feature has been a demand from the industry for many years and is now realized in the Han-Eco B series. This feature simplifies the assembly process as the insert side of the wiring harnesses can be easily snapped into the bulkhead mounted housing from the inside of the switch cabinet — rearward.

This simplifies the assembly as well as allows assembly floor optimization by providing the ability to stock the internal wire harness pre-cabinet assembly, thus saving time and costs. Now that a switch cabinet unit and its cable harness can be pre-assembled separately, a better division of labor is possible and, if necessary, processes can even be outsourced.

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