Weidmuller set to showcase products at CLEANPOWER 2024


Weidmuller USA, a provider of smart industrial connectivity and automation solutions headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, will be exhibiting at CLEANPOWER 2024 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Weidmuller will showcase some of its latest solutions for the clean power industry: BLADEcontrol® rotor blade monitoring system with WebVis data visualization, the Weidmuller Battery Connector (WBC), PV DC Combiner Boxes, and LED lights for wind-turbine use.

Weidmuller USA’s BLADEcontrol monitoring system with web-based visualization provides powerful insights on the condition of wind turbine blades. (Courtesy: Weidmuller)

The BLADEcontrol rotor blade monitoring system has been used to increase the yield of 5,900 wind turbines since 2004. With BLADEcontrol, customers can detect performance and structural issues for blades and turbines such as aerodynamic imbalances, trailing edge cracks, spar web delamination, blade bearing damage, blade tip damage, and pitch and yaw alignment deviations. With the BLADEcontrol system, customers gain access to the WebVis data visualization and analysis suite. The overview dashboard highlights single turbine and fleet-wide diagnostics, allowing the detection of anomalous behavior, reducing unplanned downtime.

With the addition of the Weidmuller Battery Connector, Weidmuller offers a full suite of energy storage products to cover the power, data, and signaling needs required in a wide array of battery energy storage system applications. The WBC facilitates the transfer of electrical energy between the battery cells and the application, allowing the connection of the battery modules in a few steps. Whether in smaller storage systems for home use or in large battery containers, the WBC covers a range of applications with its sizes from 100A up to 350A.

Weidmuller’s durable LED lights offer a ready-to-fit solution for lighting, emergency lighting, and power supply. This collection of LED lights includes the FieldPower® Mono LED RC, FieldPower Duo LED RC, Weidmuller Industrial Power LED, and Weidmuller Industrial Tube LED. The FieldPower MONO and DUO LEDs are available with round connectors, designed for illuminating the tower and hub of a wind turbine generator.

Weidmuller will be at booth #1128 at CLEANPOWER 2024.

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