Aquaterra completes offshore wind platform design


Aquaterra Energy has completed the engineering design for DeNovo Energy Limited’s Sea Swift offshore platform, a part of development activity in the Gulf of Paria off the west coast of Trinidad.

The platform, which will be self-powered by a wind turbine and a solar bank, is set to be installed in Q4 of this year, in water depths of 20m.

Aquaterra Energy has completed the design for DeNovo Energy’s Sea Swift offshore platform. (Courtesy: Aquaterra Energy)

“Intelligent engineering is at the heart of what we do, so this renewable-powered solution is a testament to our ethos,” said Stewart Maxwell, Aquaterra Energy technical director.
The platform design will include a battery to store excess power, which eliminates the need for traditional diesel generators—which reduces emissions, including those resulting from refueling visits.

Monitoring technology will reduce maintenance trips by requiring personnel to visit only when alerted by onshore systems.

Another cost reduction in the Sea Swift design is drilling and installation via a jack-up rig, which removes the need for a heavy lift vessel.

The platform’s reduced steel requirement and its focus on using infrastructure that is in local Trinidad and Tobago area adds to the increase in speed toward the platform’s first oil or gas production.

“DeNovo is committed to securing Trinidad and Tobago’s energy future—in a cleaner way,” said Bryan Ramsumair, DeNovo managing director.

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