Vaisala announces WindCube Lidar enhancements


Vaisala, a global leader in weather, environmental, and industrial measurements, including wind Lidar instruments for wind energy, recently announced enhancements to WindCube Lidar, including new design features, measurement capabilities, and service and support for optimal Wind Resource Assessment in extreme weather conditions across a diverse array of climates.

Vaisala’s WindCube has enhanced features. (Courtesy: Vaisala)

With wind farms evolving to include larger turbines, increased heights, and deployment in a wider range of environments and conditions, the latest WindCube enhancements deliver:

  • A robust metallic wiper that resists corrosion in harsh conditions, while Vaisala’s PTH WXT535 weather sensor delivers measurements of environmental parameters, including wind, rain, temperature, and barometric readings.
  • A new winter kit that safeguards the lidar from snow and ice.
  • An increased temperature range (50°C) that allows for deployments in the hottest areas around the globe.
  • Compatibility with the latest generation of EFOY fuel cell design for off-grid applications.
  • A partnership with SmartGrid that enables customers to collect reliable data at remote locations.

Measurement capabilities to ensure data accuracy for increasingly tall turbine hub heights; users now have the ability to compare Lidar data with measurements from an IEC-compliant met mast up to 200 meters.

The new WindCube service agreement streamlines operations, provides online educational resources to stay current on system operations and management, minimizes disruption, and enables operation and minimal downtime in more global locations.

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