ABS Group To Provide Certification and Design Verifications for Offshore Scotland Wind Farm


ABS Group Ltd., a leading provider of project certification and quality assurance services for offshore wind assets based in Houston, Texas, has received a contract to provide third-party certification and design verification services to Hexicon AB for the planned Dounreay Tri floating offshore wind farm demonstrator project in Scotland.

The Dounreay Tri Project, expected to be operational in 2018, is being developed by Hexicon and its partners to pilot a novel floating foundation design for offshore wind. When completed, the project will consist of two wind turbines, up to 6 MW each, mounted on Hexicon’s platform that will be located offshore northern Scotland.

According to Hexicon, the platforms allow wind turbines to be deployed efficiently in remote areas where winds are stronger and more stable and the platforms are not limited by water depth. Therefore, wind energy parks can be operational out of sight and in areas where the environmental impact is minimal.

“We are excited to have engaged ABS Group in the Dounreay Tri Project,” said Marcus Thor, project director at Hexicon. “In a groundbreaking project like this, it is important to have partners with verification and certification experience working with novel technology developments in addition to vast experience within the offshore industry.”

ABS Group’s certification scope will cover independent verification of the design basis, detailed design, manufacturing inspections, installation supervision, commissioning supervision, and in-service inspections. Work has commenced with ABS Group providing preliminary planning and advice in support of Hexicon’s development process and will continue in subsequent certification phases over the duration of the project.

“We are proud to support Hexicon on this innovative design project,” said Thomas Adams, vice president of power business development for ABS Group. “Development of these types of new technologies will benefit the offshore wind industry through more cost-effective and adaptable projects.” 

— Source: ABS Group

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