A.K. Suda Liftboat Delivered to Owners


A.K. Suda has completed the design of a 320-foot (97.5-meter) truss-legged liftboat. This vessel was recently delivered to its owners. The vessel follows on the heels of the 300-foot (91.5-meter) truss leg liftboat delivered earlier this year.

The state-of-the-art vessel is a four-legged, self-propelled, self-elevating, general service liftboat, named Jinshan 1. It is based on the Suda 320-L4T.

It was built by Triyards Marine for Swissco Offshore. It is ABS classed with Unrestricted Service, X A-1, X AMS. The hull dimensions are 182 feet by 114 feet, 10 inches by 14 feet, 9 inches, (55 meters by 35 meters by 4.5 meters). The quarters arrangement can accommodate 146 people including crew. The Suda 320-L4T also has a generous cargo deck area of 950 square meters.

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This self-elevating unit can work in water depths up to 246 feet (75 meters). It also has a CAP 437 heliport that can support a Sikorsky S76 or Bell 412 helicopter.

“Our designs have gained world-wide attention due to the fact that they do more for less,” said A.K. Suda CEO Ajay Suda. “In some cases, they offer, by far, the lowest cost solution than any other designs in the world. This vessel is no different. It will compare favorably with any vessel of its size in the world. We are confident it will provide the owner a long and profitable service.” 

Source: A.K. Suda

For more information, go to www.aksuda.com