Adwen in Final Installation Stage of AD 8-180 Prototype


Adwen continues the development of its 8 MW platform and has entered the final stages in the installation of the AD 8-180 prototype in Bremerhaven, Germany. The foundation, including hammering 51 piles into the ground and installing 1,700 cubic meters of concrete, was finished earlier this year. In addition, the first three sections of the tower have been installed, including the power section with the fourth expected soon after. The fifth and final section will be installed at the same time as the nacelle.

The pre-commissioning tests of the nacelle were successfully completed at Fraunhofer IWES DyNaLab. Back at Adwen’s facilities, the hub has been mounted on the nacelle, and this assembled unit is undergoing additional testing. Finally, the world’s longest blades are stored on the site ready to be lifted.

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Over the past 18 months, the 8 MW platform has undergone one of the most extensive validation campaigns in the industry. During this period, individual and fully integrated subsystems have been tested, and the results confirm the robustness of the turbine design. The comprehensive process has been of paramount importance to minimize technological risks. This will help speed-up the certification of the platform, and it provides customers with confidence in its expected performance.

“As we get closer to the commissioning of the AD 8-180 prototype, I am excited to have the opportunity to confirm what we have learned during one of the most demanding validation campaigns this industry has ever seen,” said David Guiu, Adwen chief commercial officer. “We are convinced that our wind turbine will be a top performer and a key contribution in the race to reduce the levelized cost of offshore wind energy thanks to its reliability and unmatched annual energy production (AEP).”

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The AD 8-180 is based on the proven technology of Adwen’s 5 MW platform, of which the company has manufactured close to 1 GW. With 8 MW of nominal capacity and a 180-meter rotor, the AD 8-180 delivers the largest AEP in the industry contributing to competitive offshore wind cost of energy. The AD 8-180 has been selected for three projects off the coasts of France, totaling 1.5 GW. 

Source: Adwen

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