ITL Develops Radar Compatible Obstruction Light


As the wind industry has evolved over the last decade, many new changes were brought forth in the latest edition of the FAA Advisory Circular, AC No: 70/7460-IL released in December of 2015. One of those changes allowed the use of ADLS (Aircraft Detection Lighting System) on wind farms.

This change is in relation to the ever-growing and expanding wind industry as more wind farms are built supplying a sustainable and renewable energy source to consumers. As an obstruction lighting manufacturer, International Tower Lighting (ITL) supports the continued progression of the wind industry while working to exceed the standards set forth by the FAA and understanding how important an ALDS is in mitigating light pollution.

In early 2016, ITL supplied its new radar compatible obstruction light to the first FAA-approved commercial operation of an ADLS on a U.S. wind farm. ITL continues to work with various radar companies and recently successfully integrated its IFH-1710-A00 with DeTect.

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DeTect’s Harrier ADLS system is a radar-activated obstruction lighting control system based on DeTect’s Harrier Security and Surveillance radar. It is used to provide cost-effective, reliable, long-range detection, tracking, and intrusion alerting of cooperative and non-cooperative aircraft, ultralights, and drones/UAVs by airports and industrial facilities. It is also used for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) sense-and-avoid and for rocket-launch airspace intrusion control.

For ADLS use, Harrier advantages include solid-state Doppler radar sensors, secondary ADS-B and TAS receivers, and interconnectivity with a wide range of obstruction lighting and SCADA networks. The system is also fully remote controlled, ground-based for lower installation and O&M costs, and provides longer-range detection. This means fewer units are needed at a large site. The technology is being used in 280 systems operating worldwide in a variety of applications and environments.

ITL was founded in 1998 developing aftermarket replacement parts and common component repairs. Today, ITL provides a variety of quality products, replacement parts, and technical support for most lighting systems in use. Its IFH-1710 provides wind-industry customers with a durable, dependable obstruction light with ease of maintenance and cost savings.

DeTect is a U.S.-based, global leader in remote sensing technologies with offices in the U.S. and Europe and projects worldwide. DeTect’s products include drone surveillance and interdiction systems, aircraft bird strike avoidance radars, UAV ground-based sense-and-avoid systems, airspace and marine security radars, border protection radars, and bird radars for wind farm and industrial bird control and protection. 

Source: International Tower Lighting

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