AerosUSA offers cable protection system for offshore equipment


AerosUSA is offering High-Performance Cable Protection Systems to increase the ability of offshore wind equipment.

As wind farms increasingly move offshore, environmental factors will play a larger role. For example, turbine towers will be exposed to a greater and more constant amount of wind. Increased motion will then cause more torsion, vibration, and abrasion to the cabling and wiring, which leads to higher possibilities of rework and retrofitting.

AerosUSA is the North American distributor of DetasUltra cable entry systems. (Courtesy: AerosUSA)

The system includes conduits, fittings, and accessories that meet various industries’ regulations. Its core products are manufactured from high-performance polyamide resins and include FLEXAquick, one-piece fitting technology from AerosUSA.

The lighter weight solution includes UV protection and several levels of IP ratings.

AerosUSA has, for more than 10 years, supported onshore sites, so its cable protection product portfolio is uniquely suited for offshore needs.