Bachmann Awarded Condition-Monitoring Contract For Canadian Wind Farm

With its beginnings in apple orchards, this company has returned to its green roots by machining large parts for the wind-power industry.


Bachmann Electronic has been selected as the condition monitoring system (CMS) provider to one of Canada’s largest power producers.

TransAlta commissioned an upgrade to its Melancthon wind farm in Ontario, Canada. The wind farm,  near Shelburne, went online in 2008 and was Ontario’s first utility-scale wind site. With 133 wind turbines and 200 MW of power, it is one of the largest wind parks in Canada.


Bachmann Electronic will be upgrading a number of the existing GE 1.5 sle turbine controllers to the new MC205 line and installing its fully integrated CMS units across the entire site. TransAlta, who has been an industry leader in CMS implementation and a long-standing champion of condition monitoring, made the decision to retrofit the turbines with Bachmann CMS in order to improve turbine availability for the site.

“Having a fully integrated CMS unit allows you to utilize the existing turbine controller to operate your condition monitoring system,” said Nicholas Waters, Bachmann’s key account manager of North America. “You’re not paying for an additional CPU to operate your condition monitoring data acquisition system. Fully integrated CMS means future-oriented systems, which open the door to smart turbine automation driven by individual turbine diagnostics.”

Source: Bachmann Electronic

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