The new Demag® PC 3800-1 Pedestal Crane offers extended possibilities in lifting performance and abilities. (Courtesy: Terex)

United Equipment Accessories (UEA), a family-owned manufacturer of slip rings, cable reels, hydraulic swivels, and shift controls, turns 65 years this year.

“We’ve weathered a lot of ups and downs to get here,” said Daniel Hanawalt, business development manager at UEA. “Economic downturns, import/export challenges, and more. But we’re proud that we’ve remained a family-owned company based in Iowa since 1952.”

For 65 years, UEA has put a focus on solving problems from the inside out — using engineering to improve performance and efficiency.

“We’ve been very purposeful about the products we do and don’t offer,” Hanawalt said. “We engineer very specific components that make an impact on our customers’ equipment quality, durability, and capabilities.”

UEA started as a supplier to the construction and utility industries, and diversified as they identified additional verticals suffering from the problems they had the expertise to solve.

“We’re still very much in the construction sector, but we’re also heavy in the wind, ag, forestry, oil and gas, and industrial equipment industries,” Hanawalt said. “Our team is great at identifying new applications for our products and finding customers willing to partner with us on engineering and testing.”

UEA’s engineering team is always working on new product ideas. Currently in the works are wind slip ring innovations, set to be finalized in the next 12 months. Additional applications for the aviation and medical industries are being investigated as well.

“We’re excited for what’s to come,” Hanawalt said. “New technology, new industries, new opportunities.”

Source: UEA

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