Bachmann partners with PE Concepts to extend wind-turbine life


In Germany, 30 percent of installed onshore turbine plants are more than 16 years old. Operators must plan to extend operation within good time, but Lifetime Extension (LTE) assessments are usually conservative and based on estimates, often missing out on the full potential operational lifetime that remains after design lifetime has expired.

With a combined experience of almost 40 years in the wind industry, CMS provider Bachmann Monitoring GmbH and engineering consultancy P.E. Concepts GmbH are teaming up to take on that challenge. Bachmann systems deliver highly accurate Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) measurements that optimize the analytical LTE assessment performed by P.E. Concepts. This often leads to a longer period of extended lifetime for wind turbines and a dramatic impact on total ROI.

Lifetime extension applies to both offshore and onshore wind parks, but onshore turbines are often missing data from structural monitoring. (Courtesy: Bachmann)

Bachmann’s high-accuracy load and Eigenfrequency measurements help P.E. Concepts calculate remaining useful lifetime more accurately than traditional SCADA data and wind information.

“With Bachmann’s data, we can significantly improve the theoretical calculation models and reduce uncertainty – often leading to a much higher remaining useful lifetime for our clients,” said Matthias Saathoff from P. E. Concepts.

An analytical assessment based on measurement data supports the period of life extension with continuous monitoring, facilitating the optimal use of components with corresponding remaining service life potential. Owners and operators have access to all SHM data, allowing for better planning when it comes to economic decision-making during the extension period. “When it comes to ensuring optimal Lifetime Extension, the use of Structural Health Monitoring data simply makes sense,” said Marc Thomsen, product manager at Bachmann.

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