Collett completes deliveries to Scotland wind farm


Collett has completed the transport of components for the Twentyshilling Wind Farm in Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland. Over a period of 14 weeks, Collett moved components from King George V Dock to the site.

Collett moved the components for each complete turbine: the three tower sections, three blades, nacelle, drive train and hub. It would require specialist transport logistics for the 170-mile journey to site.

The team made several route modifications. Two miles from the construction site, on approach to the wind farm, the loaded 57-meter blades would be unable to facilitate the necessary left turn to access. A turning head was constructed at Eliock Bridge to provide the required clearance to allow all 27 of the blades to safely navigate the turn.
Working on a two-day delivery schedule, with three deliveries per convoy, Collett’s specialist fleet delivered the 81 individual components.

The team employed super wing carriers to transport the 57-meter, 14.9-ton blades. For the other components, the 67-ton, 25-meter long bottom and 44.5-ton, 26-meter middle towers used specialist clamp trailers, while the remaining components, the top towers, nacelle, drive trains, and hubs were transported using 5- and 6-axle step-frame trailers.
All components traveled under Collett’s Code of Practice escort vehicles, with police escorts in attendance for the blades, tower sections, nacelles, and drive trains.

The nine Vestas V117 140-meter tip turbines are expected to be fully operational in early 2022.

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