Collett acquires Plant Speed turbine equipment


Collett & Sons Ltd recently agreed to a deal with Plant Speed to have its specialist wind-turbine equipment join the Collett fleet. Taking the decision to remove themselves from the wind-energy industry and focus more on their haulage operations, Plant Speed is focusing more on haulage operations, and Collett is acquiring the entire Plant Speed fleet of super wing carriers, extendable trailers, and lift adapters.

Collett has acquired Plant Speed’s entire fleet of super wing carriers, extendable trailers and lift adapters. (Courtesy: Collett)

“With several projects scheduled and currently under way, this move sees Collett strengthen our market position,” said Managing Director David Collett.

“Having worked in the renewable-energy industry for many years, the acquisition of this new trailer equipment is a decisive move for Collett, and one which significantly increases our wind-turbine carrying capabilities.”

Collett’s wind-turbine fleet expansion includes Nooteboom super wing carriers, quadruple extendable blade trailers, and lift adapters, alongside several specialist adapters including gyrostat tables, loading beds, and tower hooks.

As a well-established operator in the wind-energy industry, the addition of this new equipment increases Collett’s carrying capacity and adds to its already diverse fleet, providing a definitive range of specialist equipment with which to undertake wind-farm development projects.

“Having worked closely with Collett in the past, the decision to amalgamate our fleet in to theirs was an easy one to make,” said Paul Lomas, Plant Speed’s managing director.

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