CrewSmart gains approval for maintenance system


The CrewSmart maritime operations management system has gained type approval for its Planned Maintenance System, part of its 2.0 software update.

CrewSmart PMS streamlines asset maintenance processes for offshore-wind fleet managers to improve equipment efficiency, reduce costs, and prevent risks of breakdown or defects in assets during operation.

The HALT XL test bench is mounted on a 30-meter-long concrete base and features a 25 MW drive motor that is 15 meters in diameter. (Courtesy: R&D Test Systems)

Safety and compliance are paramount concerns in offshore-wind fleet management, critical to enable the fleet and its crew to operate at full capacity and provide vital operations and maintenance support to wind farms. Planning appropriate maintenance schedules is essential to maintaining these conditions.

“We use CrewSmart PMS to map out our service timelines based on time and engine hours; we look forward to it tracking inventory of all our supplies. The data has enabled us to make our service and maintenance processes much smoother and quicker and gives us clear maintenance records to use as evidence in our audits. We’re also able to use the system for monitoring all other maintenance checks like fire, electronics, hydraulics, deck, and to measure engine hours and fuel consumption, meaning we can also monitor our carbon footprint, and as the interface can be used by crews on and offshore via the tablet app, our crews are empowered to take ownership of upholding safety and compliance cross the business,” said Max Perry, HSEQ Manager and DPA for offshore wind CTV operator, Dalby Offshore.

CrewSmart PMS employs estimated operational data to recommend appropriate maintenance schedules for assets and components, ensuring continued safe and compliant operation across the fleet. The platform also uses historical maintenance data to estimate costs for future maintenance and repair schedules, and giving more control to the asset manager in organizing and forecasting future maintenance.

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