WindESCo partners with Phoenix Contact


WindESCo has signed Phoenix Contact to provide the Swarm Edge component of WindESCo’s swarming solution. Swarm Edge will be installed on each turbine to provide data collection and centralized control.

Swarm technology is WindESCo’s patented solution for autonomous, cooperative control of wind assets. The system is licensable by OEMs and partners and enables turbines to cooperatively adjust positioning to mitigate wake effects and boost production for the entire farm — not just single machines — by 3 to 5 percent each year.

“Phoenix Contact is a trusted brand in the wind-energy industry, for good reason. Our customers have come to equate Phoenix Contact with long-term systems and infrastructure reliability due to their consistent high standards, domain expertise, and innovative outlook. Collaborating with Phoenix Contact to deploy our latest technology ensures that our solution is reliable, scalable, and ready to revolutionize AEP optimization for wind farms globally,” said Ed Wagner, WindESCo’s CRO.

To optimize wind-energy generation across an entire site, Swarm TM brings together the latest advances in Industrial Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, enabled by on-site hardware such as edge processing units within individual turbines and a central server on site, which in turn communicates with cloud servers to coordinate turbine movements optimally across the plant.

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