Dansk Gummi Industri develops turbine blade tip protector


Denmark’s Dansk Gummi Industri has developed a tip protector to protect wind-turbine blade tips during transport and storage.

PRO-PAD TIP 1 will meet safety requirements for people near the blade, as well as transporting the blade. (Courtesy: Dansk Gummi Industri)

PRO-PAD® TIP 1™ will provide for a high friction to the blade interface. Dansk Gummi supplies the product with straps for fastening. The protector is a flexible solution with a high wear resistance and it fits all blade sizes, both on- and offshore.

“With PRO-PAD TIP 1 we have developed a very flexible solution that will meet the requirements of our customers in terms of increased visibility and protection,” said Design Manager Carsten Sommer. “It fits all blade sizes, which is a great advantage as the blades become larger and larger.”

PRO-PAD TIP 1 is patent pending.

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