GE Renewable Energy, Alliant Energy to add 470 MW in Iowa


GE Renewable Energy and Alliant Energy recently announced they are adding 470 MW of wind-power capacity to the state of Iowa with two projects.

The English Farms and Upland Prairie wind farms with respective 170 MW and 300 MW of installed capacity will be owned and operated by Alliant Energy’s Iowa energy company and provide clean and reliable renewable sourced electricity to its customers in Iowa. This is part of a broader plan by Alliant Energy to install up to 1,000 MW in Iowa by the end of 2020.

The English Farms and Upland Prairie wind farms will be owned and operated by Alliant Energy’s Iowa energy company. (Courtesy: GE Renewable Energy)

Both wind farms will be equipped with a total of 190 of GE’s 2 MW platform type turbines and will add to the 2,300 GE 2MW turbines already running in North America. These include the 2.3-116, the 2.5-116, and GE’s newly introduced 2.5-127 turbine. The new 127-meter rotor combined with the robust 2MW electrical system enables the turbine to reach a best-in-class capacity factor and higher levels of Annual Energy Production.

“Both projects will provide power for the equivalent of 180,000 homes in Iowa,” said Vikas Anand, general manager for GE’s Onshore Wind Business in the Americas. “Alliant Energy and GE are making a real difference for consumers in Iowa, and we are delighted to be providing our 2MW class turbines, including our brand new 2x 127m model.”

The Upland Prairie site, with 121 turbines planned, is the largest individual wind farm developed by Alliant Energy. Between Clay and Dickinson counties in Iowa, it is planned to be commissioned in late 2018 and early 2019. The English Farms site in Poweshiek County is planned to operate 69 turbines, with the project being commissioned in early 2019.

“This cutting-edge technology will help us advance cost-effective clean energy for our customers,” said Terry Kouba, Alliant Energy vice president of Operations in Iowa. “As we add more wind energy, we’re working to keep Iowa a leader in renewable energy.”

Source: GE Renewable Energy

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