Editor’s Desk

Welcome to the 2016 Buyer’s Guide edition of Wind Systems magazine.


We have been bringing you this issue every November since our inception to serve as a resource of company listings in the wind energy industry, thoroughly categorized and organized to best fit our readers’ needs. Here, you’ll find the names, phone numbers, and websites of all of the companies we’ve come in contact with over the past six years. Similar to the industry itself that continues to flourish with every passing year, the number of listings in this Buyer’s Guide grows each year, too.

It is our mission to encourage, cultivate, and educate a unified workforce of industry professionals all with the same goal in mind — to foster sustainable growth for sustainable wind energy.

You may remember that I said it’s a thorough process of collecting, fact-checking, revising, and publishing these annual Buyer’s Guide listings, and that’s true, but like most things in life that require a great deal of time and work, it’s extremely rewarding. As an editor of this wind energy publication, it’s exciting when both new and established companies in the industry ask to be listed in our Buyer’s Guide because that means the industry is growing and our mission is on course. If you’re not currently listed and would like to be added, or if you would like to update your existing listing, please email me at info@windsystemsmag.com with “2017 Listings” in the subject line. Also, make sure to include your company name, phone number, and website as you would like them to appear in the magazine as well as the appropriate section and category your company should fall under.

We believe that this annual Buyer’s Guide is the go-to information guide and valuable resource for the wind energy industry, like a phonebook-style directory entirely dedicated to the wind industry. We’ve worked diligently throughout the year to bring you this edition of the Wind Systems Buyer’s Guide, making sure the companies are either directly involved in the wind industry or provide it with products or services. We hope you find it useful in your endeavors throughout the rest of this year and 2016.

As always, thank you throughout 2016 for reading!