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The 2017 Buyer’s Guide is here.


Ever since Wind Systems began, we have published our annual Buyer’s Guide, a resource of company listings in the wind industry. This valuable issue is thoroughly categorized and organized to best fit your needs. Compiled in these pages, you’ll find names, phone numbers, and websites of the hundreds and hundreds of companies we’ve come in contact with over the years.

And just like the ever-growing wind industry, the listings in our Buyer’s Guide grows with it, serving as a tribute to the strides wind power has made in just a very short time.

We at Wind Systems want to encourage, cultivate, and educate industry professionals with a common goal — a profitable, economical, and ecological world of wind power.

Our Buyer’s Guide goes through a thorough process of collection, fact-checks, and revisions before it’s put in your hands. The time and effort involved make the endeavor exponentially rewarding.

The Buyer’s Guide serves as a go-to information guide and resource for the wind-energy industry.

We connect with a variety of wind-related businesses, and the Buyer’s Guide serves to help you discover those businesses that are either directly involved in wind or provide it with products or services.

The listings are informative just by themselves, but they’re not the only things included in this month’s Wind Systems.

In addition to our valuable listings, you’ll find an interesting company profile on GEV Wind Power and the amazing strides it has made in safety and technology in order to make the wind industry better and stronger.

If your company isn’t listed but would like to be, or if you need to update your existing listing, please contact us at info@windsystemsmag.com and include “2018 listings” in the subject line. Also, please make sure to include your company name, phone number, and website as you want them to appear. And don’t forget to include the section and category your company should be in.

Wind Systems’ Buyer’s Guide is here to serve you, so make sure you keep it within reach through 2017.

And as always, thanks for reading.