Emerson, Vayu to optimize wind farms with machine learning


Emerson has formed an alliance with Vayu, a Ystrategies Corp. company, to provide automation technology solutions for wind-farm energy optimization in the Americas, Caribbean, and Europe. The three-year collaboration combines the advanced power applications and networking capabilities of Emerson’s Ovation™ automation platform with Vayu’s cloud-computing wind-energy optimization technology. Using this approach, Vayu has identified more than $500 million in revenue opportunities from just a fraction of the approximately 450 wind farms in the United States.

“Combining the respective strengths of Emerson and Vayu creates a first-of-its-kind, intelligent solution for wind-farm optimization,” said Bob Yeager, president of Emerson’s power and water business. “This initiative will help wind-energy producers maximize their aggregate power output, achieve their financial objectives, and deliver more clean power to their communities.”

The wind-power market continues to grow: 53.9 GW were added in 2018, bringing the overall capacity of all wind turbines installed worldwide to 600 GW, according to the World Wind Energy Association. The United States — the second-largest wind power market — added 7.6 GW of capacity last year.

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