Gearbox Express Unveils Its Revolution 2.0


With a one-two punch from the recent Wind Energy Update O&M Conference in Dallas, Gearbox Express (GBX), unveiled its upgraded version of its proprietary gearbox, Revolution 2.0, while being nominated for an award citing its technological advancements. Wind O&M is the only conference in the world that specifically acknowledges and awards innovation in the O&M sector. This recognition further confirms what GBX already believes: that it has created a technical product unlike anything else in the industry.

“We were thrilled by the nomination and are ecstatic about being recognized as one the industry’s top innovative advancement,” said Bruce Neumiller, CEO of Gearbox Express. “The wind industry has wrestled with gearbox failures since its inception. Innovations are incorporated to provide a solution to a problem and since most gearboxes are less than 10-years old, the problems of them failing are just getting started. We created our company to meet these challenges head-on and we are succeeding.”

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Since the company’s opening in 2012, GBX recognized the futility in providing like-for-like gearbox replacements: Why replace or repair with something that’s no different than what just failed? Gearbox Express unveiled its Revolution gearbox in 2013 to address the common failure characteristics seen in a majority of gearboxes. After successfully installing more than 200 Revolution gearboxes across the United States, GBX saw opportunity.

“For more than three years, GBX has been researching why some gearbox planetary configurations were achieving less than half of their designed lifespan,” Neumiller said. “Those development efforts are now introducing the next big step in innovation — Revolution 2.0.”

The top features of the Revolution 2.0 gearbox include:

  • A redesigned planetary gear/bearing interface where the bearing outer races are machined into the gear.
  • Integral tapered rollers are used in lieu of cylindrical rollers. Tapers permit preloading, which increases system stiffness and improves load share.

    • Reduces internal bearing stress and improves life 170 percent.
    • Reduces rim deflection by 460 percent, reducing bending stress and propensity to crack planet gears.
  • Steel that’s cleaner than ISO 6336-5 ME, one grade higher than wind gearbox standard MQ.

    • Improves both contact and bending gear rating, allowing planet gears to run with more safety factor and dramatically reduces risk of failing from material inclusions.
  • In-house super finishing reduces as-ground surface finishes by 50 percent, ensuring bearing life while improving gear rating.
  • Outfitted with a metallic wear debris monitor from Poseidon Systems allowing GBX to remotely monitor and proactively address any issues.
  • Backed by its industry-leading five-year warranty, which includes crane and labor expenses. 

Source: Gearbox Express

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