Senvion Concludes 33 MW Contract with Innogy Renewables


Senvion, a leading global manufacturer of wind turbines, has signed a contract with Innogy Renewables UK Ltd. to supply 16 wind turbines from its 2 MW series for the Mynydd y Gwair wind farm in South Wales.

Located 15 kilometers north of Swansea, Mynydd y Gwair wind farm will consist of 16 Senvion MM92 turbines. Once operational, the project will have an installed capacity of 32.8 MW and will generate enough renewable electricity to power more than 22,000 average U.K. households annually.

The average annual generation expected at the site could be equivalent to the approximate domestic needs of up to 22,600 average U.K. households. Energy predicted to be generated by the proposal is derived using wind speeds monitored in the local area and correlating to historical reanalysis weather data providing longer-term data. The calculations are based on an installed capacity of 32.8 MW. The energy capture predicted and hence derived homes equivalent figure may change as further data are gathered.

Equivalent homes supplied is based on an annual electricity consumption per home of 4,400 kWh. This figure is supported by recent domestic electricity consumption data available from The Digest of U.K. Energy Statistics and household figures from the U.K. Statistics Authority. Turbine components delivery starts in April 2018, and installation and commissioning is due to be completed in October 2018.

This is the 11th contract to be signed between Senvion and Innogy Renewables UK Ltd. and the conclusion of this contract marks the fifth consecutive turbine supply agreement between both parties. In 2016, Senvion concluded agreements to supply turbines for Innogy Renewable UK’s Brechfa Forest West wind farm and Bad á Cheò wind farm. Brechfa Forest West wind farm is in Carmarthenshire in South Wales. The wind farm will consist of 28 MM92 turbines providing an overall capacity of 57.4 MW. Grid consent for the project was confirmed in October 2016.

Once fully operational, the wind farm will generate enough renewable electricity to meet the calculative needs of approximately 38,800 average U.K. households annually. Bad á Cheò wind farm is near Caithness in Scotland and will feature 13 MM92 turbines. Construction will start in early 2017 and once constructed, the wind farm will provide an installed capacity of up to 26.7 MW.

Senvion also concluded five-year maintenance contracts with Innogy Renewables UK Ltd. for all three projects, with options to extend these up to 10 and then 15 years.

“We are delighted to be working with Innogy Renewables UK once more,” said Guy Madgwick, managing director of Senvion Northern Europe. “Since we signed our first contract together for the Ffynnon Oer wind farm in 2005, we have partnered on a number of successful projects, and these additional contracts demonstrate the strength of the established and reliable relationship we have maintained for more than a decade.”

“It was great to have all contracts signed before the financial year end,” said Tanya Davies, head of Onshore Development at Innogy Renewables UK Ltd. “We are delighted to see Mynydd y Gwair Wind Farm join Brechfa Forest West and Bad á Cheò and enter into construction. This is great news for the industry and the investment opportunities in South Wales.”

“We look forward to the construction of Mynydd y Gwair Wind Farm and the Senvion turbines being erected and generating clean renewable energy in the near future,” said Gwenllian Elias, Mynydd y Gwair development manager at Innogy Renewables UK Ltd.

Source: Senvion

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