Greenbyte Energy Cloud supports Skyline Renewables


U.S. independent renewable energy company Skyline Renewables has selected Greenbyte’s Energy Cloud to monitor and maximize the performance of its growing portfolio.
With its ability to pull data from technologically and geographically diverse sources, the cloud-based asset management and monitoring platform will effectively support Skyline’s growth ambitions as the business targets 3 GW of wind and solar assets across North America.

The North American renewable energy market offers attractive investment opportunities for Independent Power Producers (IPPs) that are able to take a sophisticated approach to improving asset management of large wind and solar portfolios.

Skyline Renewables, backed by Ardian Infrastructure Partners and Transatlantic Power Holdings, is bringing together significant expertise in renewables project acquisition, development, and operation. Since its inception in 2018, Skyline has rapidly expanded its portfolio of assets under management from zero to more than 800 MW.

Greenbyte’s innovative asset management software will enable Skyline to ensure productivity across this growing portfolio, adding value for its investors. Greenbyte Energy Cloud’s user-friendly dashboards will give Skyline full visibility of asset performance, enabling swift identification of emerging issues and boosting transparency and trust with third-party operations and maintenance (O&M) teams.

Skyline Renewables is bringing together significant expertise in renewables project acquisition, development, and operation. (Courtesy: Greenbyte)

With Skyline’s current portfolio containing technologies from three different wind-turbine manufacturers, the company is seeking to further diversify its asset base by expanding into the solar market. Greenbyte Energy Cloud’s ability to gather data from multiple technology sources will offer Skyline flexibility when acquiring, developing, and optimizing future renewable energy assets.

Furthermore, the platform will continue to evolve over time to incorporate the latest asset management and monitoring technology, keeping Skyline ahead of the curve and giving the company the freedom to maintain best practices as they continue to expand.

“Greenbyte’s Energy Cloud not only enables Skyline to work more openly and effectively with the third-party asset operators currently looking after the portfolio, but also to continue building its own understanding of operational performance trends across its asset base,” said Patrick Strom, senior sales manager at Greenbyte. “After opening our Chicago office earlier this year, Greenbyte is well-equipped to support Skyline and other sophisticated IPPs as they continue to develop their renewable energy portfolios in North America, while delivering consistent returns to their stakeholders and enabling continuous growth.”

“Greenbyte’s Energy Cloud is the platform that best aligns with our need to centrally view, analyze, and report on data from a variety of renewable assets with a user-friendly interface that is both intuitive and powerful,” said Brad Kallenberger, vice president at Skyline Renewables. “We’ve been able to quickly familiarize ourselves with many of the capabilities and immediately identify opportunities to optimize the performance of our fleet.”

Greenbyte Energy Cloud is used as a renewable energy datahub by asset owners and IPPs in North America and worldwide, covering more than 20 GW of wind, solar, and hydro assets globally. As owner-operators continue to expand their portfolios and become more data-driven, by 2022, Greenbyte expects to have more than 100 GW of assets monitored in Greenbyte Energy Cloud.