Grieve Releases Four New Vacuum Manifold Ovens for Composite Curing


The Grieve Corporation, a global supplier of industrial ovens and furnaces, recently released four new vacuum manifold ovens, specially designed for composite curing. These manifold ovens are offered in walk-in, shelf, and universal styles, with operating temperatures ranging from 350 degrees F (177 degrees C) to 650 degrees F (343 degrees C). Other styles and sizes are offered, including jumbo walk-ins for such applications as aircraft structures and wind-tower components.

Grieve vacuum manifold ovens feature the ability to process large composite structures and small components alike, mounted on rolling racks or shelves, encapsulated in “plastic” bags. The bagged items have a vacuum line connected to a penetration in the oven’s internal workspace. Either an external source or the vacuum pump supplied with the oven can be initiated. The external ball valves allow the user to control which lines are used. The external vacuum dial gauges provide positive verification that the “bagged” items are under the necessary vacuum.

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Some applications require recording the individual item temperature, while others require recording the individual vacuum obtained by each line during the process operation.  

Various controls are available for monitoring temperature, vacuum, and dwell time recording. 

Source: Grieve Corporation

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