High-Power Density CD Couplings Have Smaller Machine Footprint Designs


The quest for smaller machine footprints continues as designers seek new ways to reduce machine size while increasing output. The Zero-Max CD coupling provides precise and reliable shaft connections in less space than other couplings. It operates without fatigue for reliable 24/7 operation required in the latest machine designs. Key to this CD coupling design is the composite flex element. It provides high torsional stiffness, yet allows for misalignment in high-stress applications. In addition, these zero-backlash CD couplings provide smooth operation at high speeds. The coupling’s high performance material is configured in a compact design that surpasses the performance of much longer couplings. The space savings enable machine designers to reduce the footprint, saving valuable floor space.

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Specific specifications of the CD coupling include:

• 12-inch diameter

• 4.5 inches long

• Continuous Torque Rating: 76,800 inch-pounds

• Torsional Stiffness: 250,000 inch-pounds/degree

• Design Speed: 5,000 rpm

• Engineered specifically to operate in sub-critical speed

• Maximum Angular Misalignment: 1.5 inches

• Maximum Radial Misalignment: 0.045 inches

• Maximum axial misalignment: 0.2 inches

• Coupling inertia: 984 pounds/square-inch

• Coupling weight: 43.9 pounds

Designed around Zero-Max’s unique composite center disc, Compact CD couplings perform at peak torques in the most hostile operating environments — from extreme cold to hot weather conditions minus-70 degrees to 250 degrees F (minus-57 degrees to 121 degrees C). Applications include drive trains, gearboxes, and generators to provide trouble-free operation in sea water and abrasive desert-sand conditions. 

Source: Zero-Max

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