M-KRAN orders Demag® CC 8800-1 Crawler Crane


Russia’s leading crane service provider, M-KRAN, is expanding operations with the addition of the large and powerful Demag® CC 8800-1 lattice boom crawler crane with the optional Boom Booster Kit. The new crane will allow M-KRAN to perform the most challenging lifts.

The Demag CC8800-1 can be used for wind-turbine installations. (Courtesy: Terex)

In its standard configuration, the Demag CC 8800-1 crawler crane has a maximum capacity of 1,760  tons and maximum tip/sheave height of 709 feet. The Boom Booster Kit can extend lift capacities by up to 90 percent.

The new Demag crawler crane provides M-KRAN a productive and versatile machine for petrochemical projects, wind-turbine installations, and other challenging jobs. Because of its flexibility, ease-of-transport, and quick-rig design, the Demag CC-8800-1 crawler crane delivers an excellent return-on-investment.

Source: Terex

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