Mita-Teknik Chooses as Sales Partner for IP-Box


In 2015, welcomed Mita-Teknik on board and became an official distribution partner for the Danish company’s wind-energy products. Mita-Teknik is an international company specializing in complete control concepts for wind turbines including control systems, Retrofit Control systems, SCADA systems, grid connection systems, condition monitoring, load and control optimizing, and sensors.

Starting in 2018, the German operator Telekom will switch all their networks to All-IP, and many operators in European countries will follow. This means the disappearance for ISDN-telephony and traditional telecommunications system.

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As a consequence, many older wind turbines will not be able to be controlled or monitored by analog or ISDN-modems any longer. To solve this, Mita-Teknik developed a cost effective and easy-to-install solution to replace the obsolete communication equipment in any turbine and reconnect it with existing SCADA solutions running Windows 32 or 64bit.

“We are already working successfully together with as our distribution partner for the after-sales wind-energy market,” said Thomas Liratsch, sales director at Mita-Teknik. “Therefore, it was a logical step to also promote and supply our new product development, the MiComm IP-Box via Stefan Weber and his team.”

With the new MiComm IP-Box, Mita-Teknik offers a complete remote communication solution designed to replace obsolete PSTN/ISDN modems and enable modern, reliable and secure remote IP communication to existing wind turbines with existing SCADA systems.

“We are very pleased to further strengthen our cooperation with Mita-Teknik and be selected as their official distribution partner to supply the new MiComm IP-Box,” said Weber, founder and managing director of GmbH.

Strategic Supply Partnership

“That is a great endorsement for us,” said Seher Kaygusuz, responsible for Business Development and Marketing at “We consider ourselves not only as distribution partners, but also as business partners helping to promote new product developments within the wind market.”

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Kaygusuz invites manufacturers and suppliers to come to her and the entire team directly to join’s team of suppliers.

” calls upon hundreds of suppliers to obtain the materials and services our customers need in fulfilling their everyday maintenance and repair works,” she said. “If you are interested in joining us, simply contact us.” 


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