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February can sometimes be an odd month.

It can never make up its mind how many days it wants to have in it.

It’s usually cold.

And if you’re single, Valentine’s Day can be a real bummer.

But for the February issue of Wind Systems, you’ll find some stories that will hopefully make the second month of 2017 feel as short as it is.

With a focus on operations and turbine maintenance, we’ve rounded up some articles that are both informative and interesting.

Starting with our company profile, we shine a spotlight on Shermco Industries.

The company, which has been around for more than 40 years, has made strides in helping wind-project owners reduce their overall costs, and in the article, officials discuss their philosophy in how they make that a part of their everyday routine.

Making sure turbines are always working properly is an ongoing concern with wind projects. With all those moving parts, there are a lot of components that have to be kept in check.

That’s why turbine inspections are important.

In this month’s Conversation, we talk with Steven Elrod, general manager with BS Rotor Technic USA. Elrod fills us in on how BS Rotor uses its technical knowledge and expertise to service and repair wind-turbine blades. Part of that expertise deals with inspections.

Also as part of inFocus, Thomas Arnold, with TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH, shares his insights into the advantages of standardizing how data is processed and distributed.

Outside of this month’s inFocus topics, Crosswinds offers up a fascinating article on research being done on using material derived from plant fibers that will help make wind turbines not only lighter, but more ecologically sound.

With the Department of Energy recently announcing that American wind jobs have hit the 100,000 mark, it’s exciting to see advances and research in the wind industry continue to soar.

There’s still no sign of the wind industry slowing down in the coming months and years, and the strides that continue to be made are a solid indicator of that constant growth.

So, bundle up this February and reflect on the good fortunes of a burgeoning wind industry. And if you didn’t get any Valentine’s candy, just remember it’s half price on the 15th.

Thanks for reading!