Offshore Wind Summit scheduled for June in Boston


ASME’s Offshore Wind Summit, scheduled for June 16-17, 2020 in Boston, Massachusetts, will offer a unique focus on “Bringing the Power to Market,” while combining perspectives from technology, business, and government to drive the industry forward.

Attendees will have exclusive access to industry leaders, technical experts, and key decision makers who are shaping the future of U.S. offshore wind.

Highlights from the summit include:

  • Learn about the latest technologies in design, materials, fabrication, and installation in offshore wind.
  • Improve a project’s bottom line across its entire lifecycle costs from its initial capital cost to operations and maintenance costs.
  • Understand and navigate the complexities of offshore wind.
  • Create a more profitable business.
  • Understand how business issues and government policy impact a project and its options, timeline, technologies, suppliers, and costs and how to mitigate these obstacles.