Plibrico introduces refractory selection guide


The Plibrico Company, a supplier of monolithic refractories, recently introduced an online refractory selection tool designed to guide customers with focused refractory choices tailored to their specific industry and application.

The tool, available at Plibrico’s website, is a resource for refractory installers, as well as professionals in the steel, aluminum, off-gas, mineral processing, and power-generation sectors.

By providing industry and equipment details, the selection tool guide identifies Plibrico refractories that offer the optimal blend of structural, thermal, and mechanical properties, along with exceptional overall performance and workability.

Customers can then navigate to the Plibrico Technical Library by selecting one of the recommended refractories. Here, they gain access to technical data, installation guidelines, and safety documents. Selecting the optimal refractory material is a decision that directly affects the efficiency, safety, and overall success of a refractory project.

Using Plibrico’s online tool guide, which has already considered essential factors such as temperature resistance, chemical compatibility, and mechanical strength, ensures the chosen refractory material aligns with the demands of the application.

In detail, essential factors considered:

  • Temperature Resistance: Ensures refractories withstand extreme temperatures, maintaining structural integrity.
  • Chemical Compatibility: Prevents corrosion and erosion by selecting materials compatible with process chemicals and gases.
  • Thermal Insulation: Provides heat insulation, improving energy efficiency in industrial processes.
  • Mechanical Strength: Enhances longevity and resistance to wear, addressing mechanical stresses in diverse applications.
  • Stability: Ensures consistent performance by improving or maintaining heat transfer, reducing energy consumption, and enhancing production output under varying temperatures and conditions.
  • Application-Specific Tailoring: Increases productivity and minimizes downtime by optimizing refractory material for industry-specific requirements.

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