Turbine yaw drives’ power-to-weight ratio yields greater efficiency


Using unique roller gear technology, Gearing Solutions wind turbine yaw drives have an unparalleled power-to-weight ratio, achieving the industry’s greatest efficiency. With aluminum housings, these proven yaw drives are up to 50 percent lighter with the smallest profile on the market, creating a premium weight-to-torque ratio.

Gearing Solutions yaw drives are durable, providing years of trouble-free service. (Courtesy: Gearing Solutions)

This power density makes installation and maintenance/repair much easier and faster, especially when working at height in a restricted space environment. The lighter weight also allows the Gearing Solutions yaw drive to be more responsive, quickly redirecting alignment so the turbine blades face the wind, producing the maximum amount of electrical energy at all times. These proven designs are ideal for turbines ranging in size from 10kW to 50kW, for agricultural, industrial, and home wind-turbine markets.

Despite their lighter weight, Gearing Solutions yaw drives are durable, providing years of trouble-free service. Many have been in service for five years. This longevity eliminates the emergency tower climbing to replace broken gearboxes and yields more economical power delivery.

Gearing Solutions, the creator of MaxaMin™ Roller Gears, manufactures third-generation planetary and cycloidal roller gears used in a wide variety of gearheads, speed reducers, and engineered products. Features include easily modified designs, special housing design, and manufacturing capabilities. These gears can be combined to create more than 2,500 ratios, up to 2,500:1. Rounding out the Gearing Solutions capabilities are in-house engineering, efficient prototyping, and short run capabilities.

Source: Gearing Solutions

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