Nabrawind makes turbine blade transport easier

With its beginnings in apple orchards, this company has returned to its green roots by machining large parts for the wind-power industry.


Nabrawind Modular Blade System (Nabrajoint) is a technology applicable to any wind-turbine blade (existing or new) that allows manufacturing blades in two or more parts that are transported separately and assembled on site.

Nabrajoint technology is based on a bolted connection between blade modules with conventional, controlled, and robust assembly methods.

Nabrajoint is conceived to have a simple integration in the blade, without relevant modifications in the global design. The manufacturing process of the blade is not affected either: With no significant investments in the original production line, the process may be adapted to produce modular or standard blades as demanded.


Nabrajoint breaks all the blade logistic barriers even for rotor diameters over 70 meters. It is a game-changer technology configuration for onshore wind farms located within islands or on mountainous onshore sites. Difficult access sites may become feasible with the Modular Blade.

Nabrajoint technology is conceived to be the most reliable, light, and cost-effective segmented blade solution in the market.

Nabrajoint has been highlighted by MAKE Consulting as one of “the technologies capable of revolutionizing the wind-power industry.”

Source: Nabrawind

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