Wind Farm Plants To Be Built In Northern Peru


The Energy and Mines Ministry granted a temporary concession to the enterprise Countourglobal Peru, which will conduct feasibility studies for Piura region-based Almirante Grau and Cupisnique II wind farms.

The Energy and Mines Ministry indicated the future Almirante Grau wind farm’s capacity will be nearly 76 MW and based in the La Brea and Pariñas district belonging to the Talara provincia (Piura region).

Likewise, the future Cupisnique II power plant’s capacity will be 148 MW. It will be located in the San Pedro de Lloc district in the Pacasmayo province (La Libertad region).

The corporation will be granted a 24-month period to conduct both project’s corresponding studies.

Per the regulation, the grantee is forced to conduct studies in compliance with the technical and safety rules, preserving the environment and safeguarding the cultural heritage of the nation. 

— Source: Reve Wind Energy and Electric Vehicle Review