Yahoo! and OwnEnergy Enter 15-year Power Purchase Agreement for Kansas Wind Energy Project


OwnEnergy, a national leader in the development of mid-sized wind farms, announced that it has entered into a long-term Power Purchase Agreement with Yahoo!, Inc.

Under the terms of the 15-year PPA, Yahoo will purchase wind power, expected to reach 100,000 MWh annually, which will be used to offset much of Yahoo’s energy usage in the Great Plains region of Kansas.

“It’s great to see a leading tech company like Yahoo working to expand the use of renewable energy, and its involvement in this project will enable us to generate both local jobs as well as financial upside for members of the Rush County community,” said Jacob Susman, Founder and CEO of OwnEnergy.

OwnEnergy partners with energy entrepreneurs across the country to develop wind projects. The company’s local partners are leading members of wind-rich communities who play an active role in project development and receive a share of project ownership in return.

“At Yahoo, we’re committed to being an environmentally responsible company,” said Chris Page, global director, energy and sustainability strategy. “Driving the development of cleaner and renewable sources of power is an important piece of our sustainability strategy. We’re proud to partner with OwnEnergy in a community-based project that increases the amount of clean, sustainable energy in the Great Plains region. We take care in ensuring that we are an engaged member of the communities in which we live and work. This partnership is a fantastic opportunity to improve Yahoo’s energy sustainability while contributing to the community in Rush County and across the region.”

While Yahoo is one of the first tech companies to embrace this model of community-centric partnership, the trend for corporate purchasers to buy wind directly from wind farms is gaining pace.

“OwnEnergy’s business model taps into the entrepreneurial spirit of farmers, ranchers and landowners across the United States, providing them with economic opportunities, operational resources and industry expertise necessary to develop a source of clean, renewable energy,” said Susman. “We look forward to working with an industry leader like Yahoo, a company that shares our commitment to clean energy and to supporting the economic prosperity and social well-being of local communities across the country.”

— Source: OwnEnergy, Yahoo!