Ampelmann to provide gangway to Chinese renewables market


Ampelmann has signed its first contract in offshore China and will provide the A-type gangway, one of its flagship systems, to Guangdong Safety New Energy for the offshore wind works off Guangdong province.

The company will provide by the end of October the A-type on the client’s new 60m Service Operation Vessel (SOV) named MV Guang An Yun Wei 88. It will be first SOV equipped with a motion-compensated gangway in China. The system will enable the safe and efficient transfer of personnel at Guangdong Yangjiang offshore wind farm, the largest wind farm in Guangdong.

Ampelmann’s A-type motion-compensated gangway will be the first of its kind in China. (Courtesy: Ampelmann)

The farm is 40 nautical miles offshore where turbines will be installed at a depth of about 40 meters.

“We are very excited about this opportunity,” said Vincent Chua, business developer at Ampelmann. “With it, we can show the value of our systems and raise the standard of both safety and efficiency of offshore access operations in the area.”

China, like many governments, has set ambitious targets for green energy generation, In the Guangdong area, where the project with Ampelmann is located, China plans to install 10 GW by 2030, part of the plan to achieve 40 GW nationwide by that same year.

Guangdong Safety New Energy’s venture with Ampelmann will be for a minimum period of six months and could be extended for another six. The project will be the first time a proven full motion-compensated gangway is used in a Chinese offshore access operation.
Ampelmann’s greatest value is provided by its operators.

“They are the ones who ensure the efficiency and safety of our operations,” Chua said.
The company is looking at training local operators to support future projects in the area.

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