DNV provides Hexicon project with first step to certification


Assurance provider DNV has provided Hexicon with a Statement of Feasibility for its TwinWay demonstrator, which will be installed and operated at Metcentre, off the coast of Norway. With achieving this first step in the certification process, DNV considers the TwinWay concept feasible for further development toward a full-scale demonstrator.

The intention of the TwinWay project is to show proof of concept for Hexicon´s floating wind foundation TwinWind.

DNV considers the TwinWay concept feasible for further development toward a full-scale demonstrator. (Courtesy: DNV)

This design allows for the deployment of more turbines per sea area, increasing the energy yield per acreage. Floating wind platforms also enable installation in greater water depth, allowing higher average wind speed and lower visual impact.

“In DNV’s latest ETO, we forecast Norway’s future installed offshore wind capacity to be 3GW in 2030, 10 G Win 2040, and 14GW in 2050,” said Kim Sandgaard-Mørk, executive vice president for Renewables Certification. “To achieve this growth in a safe, reliable, and sustainable manner, Norwegian wind-energy projects need access to robust and trusted risk management measures such as certification. Mitigating risks via certification is particularly valuable for floating offshore wind projects in securing project finance and demonstrating operational application.”

“The Statement of Feasibility from DNV is a valued milestone in our TwinWay demonstrator project,” said Marcus Thor, chief executive officer of Hexicon.

“After years of development, we are now progressing through the next project phase, aiming to deploy the full-scale version of our patented design for the first time.”

“Certification of innovative projects like TwinWay helps to demonstrate the performance, reliability and commercial viability of technological advances which push the boundaries of current technical and engineering knowledge,” said Sille Grjotheim, director and Norway’s country manager for renewables certification at DNV.

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